Kaitiaki Adventures

Sledge with Rotorua’s White Water Sledging Specialists

Where Whitewater Rafting Meets the Luge: A Thrill Like No Other!

At Kaitiaki Adventures, we pioneered the art of White-Water Sledging in New Zealand. Imagine guiding your own vessel down the river, using only the flippers on your feet to navigate through eddies and ride the rapids. As you rush through the exhilarating waters, take in the stunning native scenery at eye level – an experience that’s beyond compare.

Are you prepared to dive into this high-octane, adrenaline-fueled adventure? Our dedicated guides are your companions on this thrilling journey, inspiring and guiding you every step of the way! Get ready to make waves like never before!

Kaituna River Sledge and Raft Combo

Combine our massive Kaituna Raft & Sledge options in to one action packed day! Raft over 14 awesome rapids and 3 Waterfalls including world-renowned 7 metre Tutea Falls, the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world! Then take the river on at eye level for an intimate trip through the native bush propelled by the flippers on your feet! Enjoy grade 5 rafting and grade 3 sledging.

5 Grade Five
Approx. 6 hours
13+ years
this for just
$225 Per Person!

Sledge the Kaituna River

There is something for everyone on this excursion. Beautiful native scenery, play holes, and awesome rapids to navigate your way through as you take the river on at eye level. You are in charge of your own vessel - propelled by the flippers on your feet, our guides are there to encourage and motivate you, and help out where necessary. Awesome family fun. Confidence treading water is necessary for this adventure.

3 Grade Three
3 hours
13+ years
this for just
$135 Per Person!

Get On...Raft It!

Raft with Rotorua's White Water Rafting Specialists - New Zealand's most awarded white water Rafting company.

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Get Up...Climb It!

Uniquely world-class. Hike Mount Tarawera with our local, knowledgeable, guides - Exclusively with Kaitiaki Adventures

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Get In...Sledge It

Sledge with Rotorua's Whitewater Sledging Specialists - New Zealand's original white water sledging company.

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  • Review of: Cath Hagan
    If you havent already been white-water rafting then this is the BEST place in the world to have a go!
  • Review of: Sarah H
    Be prepared for an adventure, the views are stunning, and the sense of awe and accomplishment at the end was amazing.
  • Review of: Tristan P
    A must do! Our guides Cam & Curtis were amazing and really funny. Definitely the highlight of the month.
  • Review of: Caradis A
    What an amazing time! We had so much rafting fun, even though at first I was terrified. Will recommend this to everyone.
  • Review of: Te-Aroha P
    Such an exhilarating experience. We loved all the waterfalls and rapids, but we always felt safe with an awesome safety crew.
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