139 Trees Planted 1000 Target


Kaitiakitanga is described as guardianship or protection. The basic meaning of ‘tiaki’ is to guard, depending on which context is used, it also means to preserve, keep, conserve, nurture, protect and watch over. The prefix ‘kai’ which the verb ‘tiaki’ denotes the agent of action of ‘taki’. Therefore, a kaitiaki is a guardian, keeper, preserver, conservator or protector. The addition of ‘tanga’ denotes preservation, conservation and protection.

26000 Trees Planted

Rangatahi Tourism Training Program

Kaitiaki Adventures recognises that the sharing of time and knowledge is the most invaluable taonga (gift) on the planet. By leveraging Kaitiaki Adventures diverse range of skills and expertise we have developed and offer capability building programmes for rangatahi in the community for over 20yrs.

To instil mana and kaha within our rangatahi

Wilding Pine - Eradication Program

Kaitiaki Adventures' commitment to eradicating Wilding Pines is an ongoing partnership lead by mana whenua - Ngāti Rangitihi Iwi. Kaitiaki Adventures kaimahi and volunteers pull pines for the protection of the iconic volcanic landscape that holds deep significance to iwi, to the local community and all New Zealanders - Te Maunga ō Tarawera

Maintenance of the ecology and landscape of Mount Tarawera

Native Tree Planting - Project Whakahaumanu

Working together to restore and protect the whenua of Te Wehikura and Te Kaingahu for the wellbeing of the Ngāti Hinerangi-Ngāti Hinekiri people, the environment and our culture. A project that will enable mana whenua to manage a range of recreational opportunities that provide contact with New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage.

Whakahaumanu 'To Revive & Restore to Health'

Urupā Water Catchment

As a Māori owned and operated adventure tourism company, we focus on community development, environmental sustainability, and Māori cultural sustainability. Our most recent project is an environmentally friendly water catcher designed to enable our whānau to seamlessly observe tikanga in our wāhi tapu – whānau urupā.

Environmental sustainability - The Kaitiaki Kurawai

Athlete Sponsorship

Kaitiaki Adventures is proud to support & sponsor local athletes competing in Elite Sports around the World. Having sponsorship funding allows our athletes to focus more on the training and production of their sports to capitalise on each opportunity.

Sponsored Athletes - Celebrate Success

Pest Eradication

Kaitiaki Adventures is a foundation member of the Ōkere Falls initiative helping to eradicate introduced pests along the Okere section of the Kaituina Awa (river). Kaitiaki Adventures has also implemented state-of-the-art self tracking trapping systems, to use on Te Maunga ō Tarawera.

Pest Free Ōkere - Pest Free Tarawera

Roadside & Freedom Camping Clean Up

A meaningful collaboration with like-minded recognised Kiwi brands, Kaitiaki Adventures is a proactive member of 'adopt a highway' and localised freedom camping cleanups with Keep New Zealand Beautiful.

Enhancing our commitment to Papatūānuku

Climate Culture

To where possible lessen our impact on the environment including the whenua Awa and Maunga. To provide a working culture and environment second to none in the Adventure Tourism sector and to strive for Kaitiakitanga.

The first Adventure Tourism Company in the BOP region to become certified Climate Positive

Pay a koha

Understanding that Covid and the cost of living has resulted in extra financial pressures, Kaitiaki Adventures endeavour to keep our tourism products at an affordable price and within financial reach of as many kiwi families as possible. We have always valued experiences that create life-long memories and connections, so have allocated 30 vouchers per month for those experiencing hardship. Pay what you can afford.

Pay what you can afford
  • Review of: Cath Hagan
    If you havent already been white-water rafting then this is the BEST place in the world to have a go!
  • Review of: Sarah H
    Be prepared for an adventure, the views are stunning, and the sense of awe and accomplishment at the end was amazing.
  • Review of: Tristan P
    A must do! Our guides Cam & Curtis were amazing and really funny. Definitely the highlight of the month.
  • Review of: Caradis A
    What an amazing time! We had so much rafting fun, even though at first I was terrified. Will recommend this to everyone.
  • Review of: Te-Aroha P
    Such an exhilarating experience. We loved all the waterfalls and rapids, but we always felt safe with an awesome safety crew.
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