Six Reasons to go Rafting in Rotorua

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The volcanic landscape of New Zealand/Aotearoa provides some of the best rafting environments on the planet. Throughout Aotearoa you will find countless whitewater roller-coasters for an adrenalin hit but rafting in Rotorua is truly a unique experience – below, we’ve given you six reasons why.

  1. Maori history – the heart of Maori culture in New Zealand

As well as bursting with crystal-clear waters, Rotorua is brimming with Maori culture. Most guides in the area descend from Te Arawa Maori, the Tangata Whenua (people of the land) of Rotorua, and are happy to share with you the myths and legends of their people as you float down rushing chasms. 

rafting in rotorua maori cultural experience
  1. Okere Falls – the highest commercially raftable waterfall in the world 

For all you thrill-seekers, Okere Falls is home to three waterfalls including the highest raft-able waterfall in the world. They snake through native bush clad canyons, across raging rapids and over this seven metre natural wonder, is sure to get your blood pumping. 

  1. Warm water – Rotorua’s Kaituna is considered the warmest raftable river in NZ

While you prepare to zig-zag through a narrow ravine of swirling, cascading liquid, you can rest in the knowledge that Rotorua’s best rafting playground, the Kaituna River, is one of the warmest in New Zealand. Fed by lakes instead of melting snow, and nestled amongst temperate rainforest, on the Kaituna River you can avert all your attention to the whitewater roller-coaster ahead.

  1. The surroundings – rivers weaving through lush forests

Rafting in Rotorua is not only for the daredevils. If your idea of rafting is to become one with Papatūānuku (Mother Earth), then our Rotorua rivers, twisting through lush forests which are bursting with native flora, ensure an awe-inspiring rafting experience. 

  1. Plenty of rain – making for fun white water rapids

In New Zealand, our plentiful rainfall can be a pain for some people when they just want to get outside and play… but not for those with a thirst for whitewater. When Rangi (Maori God of the sky) opens up the heavens, adrenalin junkies rejoice – more water + faster rapids = a bigger adrenalin hit!

rafting in rotorua sledging and rafting
  1. Raftable year-round – no matter the season

With a temperate climate, heaps of rain and some of the warmest rafting waters in New Zealand, when rafting in Rotorua it means you don’t have to limit your opportunities to just a few months of the year. For 12 months of the year you can twist and turn and tussle through some of the best whitewater rafting environments in Aotearoa.

With total respect to the people of the river, Ngati Hinerangi and Ngati Hinekiri, and knowledge of local Maori history, Kaitiaki Adventures will provide you with the most unique rafting adventure in New Zealand. Contact us for more information, or book directly online.

  • Review of: Cath Hagan
    If you havent already been white-water rafting then this is the BEST place in the world to have a go!
  • Review of: Sarah H
    Be prepared for an adventure, the views are stunning, and the sense of awe and accomplishment at the end was amazing.
  • Review of: Tristan P
    A must do! Our guides Cam & Curtis were amazing and really funny. Definitely the highlight of the month.
  • Review of: Caradis A
    What an amazing time! We had so much rafting fun, even though at first I was terrified. Will recommend this to everyone.
  • Review of: Te-Aroha P
    Such an exhilarating experience. We loved all the waterfalls and rapids, but we always felt safe with an awesome safety crew.
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