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During these times of change, stress and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to keep our whānau and community safe. As a Māori owned and operated adventure tourism company, we have been spending time focusing on community development, environmental sustainability, and Māori cultural sustainability. Our most recent project is an environmentally friendly water catcher designed to enable our whānau to seamlessly observe tikanga in our wāhi tapu – whānau urupā.


Water Catcher and Dispensary Stations

Our water catchers and dispensary stations are an innovative Māori focused product designed for areas where water access is not possible – in rural or remote urupā and farms. They are handmade and created to allow all whānau to wash their hands after visiting urupā, which is an essential part of the removal of tapu.

In these remote locations, many Māori whānau have had to take bottles of water in order to observe correct protocol, which may not always be on top of mind during the tangi. Instead, rainwater is collected off the roof and flows down into the blue holding tanks, here the water stays until needed by whānau. Each water catcher and dispensary station is designed and created for that specific urupā and the needs of the community. Some larger communities need multiple tanks, whilst some small rural communities only need one tank and a small water catcher.


Environmental Sustainability


Our water catchment systems work on multiple different levels to provide a clean environment for our whānau and improve environmental sustainability at the urupā.

Reducing Plastic Waste

With our water catchment systems designed to be self-filling and reusable, there is a reduced need for whānau to bring disposable plastic bottles as water is continuously provided at the urupā for use.

Plastic Waste Clean Up

As our team installs the water catchment system, we take the opportunity to remove the large amounts of plastic bottles left behind over the years after tangi. This in turn ensures the urupā stays a clean and sacred place whilst ensuring rubbish does not end up in rivers or oceans.

Compact, maintenance-free and efficient

Each water catchment and dispensary station has been purposely built to be compact and remain discrete, blending into their environment. Whilst remaining maintenance-free and efficient to ensure they are self-sustaining and require no maintenance or extra work by the community, always there for whānau to use without any extra thought or preparation. All are designed with whānau needs in mind, by Māori, for Māori.


Plastic waste

Some of the plastic waste we pick up at the urupā for recycling during the installation


We are working the length of Aotearoa to assist community sustainability and development through each water catchment and dispensary station we install. If you are interested in hearing more or having one installed in your community, please get in contact with us.



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