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Whether you’re as Kiwi as they come (a New Zealander, not the fruit!) or a newbie in the Land of the Long White Cloud wondering what the heck everyone is talking about, these slangs and colloquialisms should get you by sweet.

Dairy: Corner store selling day-to-day essentials including milk, newspapers and dollar lolly bags.

Bach: Holiday home pronounced ‘batch’.  In the South Island, it is referred to as crib – not to be confused with a baby’s cot!

Jandals: Flip flops/thongs. A bit like going barefoot, which Kiwis love!

Togs: Swimming wear.

Scroggin: Also known as Trail Mix. Perfect for outdoor adventures! Remember to pack this in when you book your rafting Rotorua trip with us.

Beaut: Great, excellent.

Bro: An endearment for a close friend, usually a male.

Munted: When something is really broken or someone is highly intoxicated. As in “That fulla is munted!”

Stoked: Pretty happy and chuffed about something.

Chook: Chicken. Funnily it can also be an endearment!

kiwi slang

Your guide for understanding the way we speak on your New Zealand trip!

Eh: Pronounced ‘ay’. Means similar to ‘don’t you agree?’

Ta: Thank you shortened.

Yeah…nah: Technically means no, but can also mean maybe. Go figure!

Dunny: A toilet.

Chocka: Full. Eg. “Had enough to eat love?” “Yes, chocka.”

Wop-wops: Literally in the middle of nowhere.

Chur: Thanks/thank you.

Sweet as: Cool, awesome or no problem. “

Hot chips (pronounced hot chups): Literally hot chips.

Tiki tour: Getting to a destination the long way. Slot in time for tiki touring when heading for rafting in Rotorua!

Jafa: Just Another F******g (or fantastic) Aucklander. “He always orders a spicy soy chai latte…a total Jafa.”

Hard case: Funny. “That Jack, he’s a hard case.”

Had a big one on the turps. Meaning, had a big night of drinking.

Give us a couple of snags off the barbie, will ya? Meaning, give us a couple of sausages off the barbecue, please.

Course I can do it, it’s a piece of piss. Translation: Of course I can do it, it’s extremely easy.

He’s a muppet! In other words, he’s an incompetent idiot.

The punters are out in full force! Translation: There’s a big crowd.

Ugh, that’s grotty. Meaning, ugh, that’s disgusting!

Yes but can you handle the jandal?  Translation: Can you deal with the situation?

You’re such an egg. Meaning, you’re such a clown.

Taking the piss: Joking/ making fun of.

She’s such a dag. She’s so funny. Rattle your dags means hurry up.

Rark up: Telling off.

Crikey: Wow

Tramping: Hiking.

Good as gold: Affirmative answer.

Yonks: Forever.

Now for some commonly used Maori words.

Kia Ora. Hi

Aroha. Love

Chances are when you visit us here in Rotorua, we’re going to use some of the above. Brush up on your kiwi lingo beforehand and you’ll be ‘sweet as’!

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